Work With Dane

I am glad you are here. It tells me you are serious about your construction business. That’s important because I only work with business leaders who are committed 100% to growing their businesses. I provide a 1 hour consulting call for business leaders just like you for $10. Really, that’s it, that’s the pitch. For $10, we’ll talk for one hour about nothing but YOU.

We’ll talk about your marketing, where you’re going, where you need some help and then we’ll talk about tips, advice, and suggestions I see working with other clients.

I promise it will be the best hour you’ve ever spent. I’ve helped clients significantly improve their marketing spend allocation and sales process, and ultimately increase revenue and profitability just through the advice I’ve given in a one hour consulting call.

We’ll do that through real marketing meant to attract real clients or customers, and we are going to get results. If you want to level up, this hour we spend together is the starting block, so take advantage of this opportunity and let’s do this.

We are going to talk about what makes your business a success. It comes down to following the right metrics:

  • Lead Generation: How are you generating leads now?

  • Sales Flow: How are you managing your sales flow now?

  • Acquisition: How are you on-boarding new customers?

  • Satisfaction: How are you making sure these new clients are having the best experience with your company? How are your tracking and improving customer retention?

  • Ascension: What is your strategy for up-selling in your existing customer base?

  • Revenue: How are you making sure to maximize the revenue generated from each client?

  • Referrals: How are you making sure your past clients or customers are saying the right things about your business and driving new leads?


I work with business leaders every day to improve their businesses. And that’s what we’ll focus on to turn your business into a lean, mean, growth machine. Don't take my word, take the word of two of my clients, Rick and John, and Amy.

From Amy: I invested a lot of money in my restaurant. I needed to start somewhere and get the biggest bang for my buck. With Dane, I was able to start small and increase spend as we went along. He was patient, and partnered with me in the best way possible."

Rick said, “I could trust Dane and his team to keep the marketing wheels turning. He has proven to be trustworthy and I have never looked back.”

Or this comment from John: “You are still my only paid advertising and this has worked better than anything else I have tried. The thing I like most is how everything you do goes on my sites and social media to help brand me and not some 3rd party site.”

So, you’ve read this far, let’s do this!

Proudly Based in St. Petersburg, Florida