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Content for your website is one of three things that make for a great design. They are design, function, and content. If those three elements aren’t in sync you are not going to get the results you are looking for from your site today. Sure, anyone can throw up a site, just like I could build a deck, but I wouldn’t walk on any deck built by me. Which is why we believe a good site with great content excels, and why we include content in our site design projects.

But maybe you already have a design, you may just need content for your website.

Your content defines your business, your features and what benefit that has to your readers. We create content that speaks to your best customers, but with SEO in mind. We know how important search engine optimization is and what good content can do to build a business. We create content for your website the same way we create websites.

People first, then search

We know that an approach focusing on the reader with a heavy dose of optimization baked in are what makes for a solid long-term strategy to good search engine results. Our content is search engine friendly and written for readers, then for search engines. People first, then search.

Your content is your brand

Your content is your face and the voice of your business and every word needs to be consistent with that message. It needs to be packed with features and benefits and speak to your best client or customer. Your content should include a strong call to action to provide next steps for your readers. In the end, your content needs to do two things; be found and sell.


Hopefully, these few paragraphs have convinced you we can create content that helps you sell, now let’s talk about your content strategy and how we can help you convince your audience to become clients or customers. Contact us now via email or call at 727-201-8539

Blog Writing Services

There is no better way to build your brand than using content marketing with blogs to educate your community. Trouble is, you don’t always have time to write. We’ve got you covered.

You’ve tried to squeeze and extra hour into your week to write, but the phone keeps ringing, there’s always another trip to the supply house or the kids need to get picked up.

You know blogging builds a constant stream of leads over time, but you just can’t get to it. You think blogging once a month will help, but it won’t. The search engines want to see fresh content as often as possible.

We can deliver fresh blog content for your website each month, freeing you up to get back to building things. That’s why you started the business, right?

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the best tools ca business can use to speak to clients, customers and prospects. Unlike other forms of communication, email marketing is a one-on-one conversation you get to have while the rest of the world is on hold.

Sure, there may be background music on or even the TV, but when someone is reading your message in their inbox, you are usually getting the lion’s share of the attention.

Use this attention grab to your advantage

There are many types of content you can create to use for your newsletter, but the information we find works best in developing long-term lead development is through teaching. You see, people want to be either entertained or educated.

They go to social media to be entertained through images, funny cat videos and jokes and use things like blog posts and newsletters to be educated on topics they want to learn more about. Topics such as politics, religion and yes, home improvement get a lot of attention online.

Email marketing needs content, that’s where we come in

We can help you improve your newsletter content through teaching, which over time has been proven to increase lead generation and reduce sales cycles.

By giving your readers information on how to improve THEIR lives, they see you as the expert and give you the first opportunity to provide the very service you speak about in your newsletters.

No matter how much or how little information you want to include in your newsletter, we can make sure your topics are covered with the right content that keeps you top of mind when prospects are looking for products and services offered by you.

Local Landing Pages

What are local landing pages? Let’s say you are a painter in the Philadelphia area. There are a lot of towns and outlying cities where you used to show in a local search in Google Places. Now, Google has changed the game (again) and only allows your business to appear in the area where your primary address is located.

Google changed the game again, so what’s the answer? Local Landing Pages!

Find space to rent in every town you want to rank for? Too expensive. Get private mail boxes at all the Mail Boxes Etc. in the area? Of course not. But what if you could develop a presence over time in those same areas using your own website?

Before we get into the details, let’s talk about Google’s primary focus.

When someone searches for a local business, Google first tries to serve a local solution in the local (think Places) section and map areas. If you don’t have a physical location in the next town or city, your chances of appearing in one of these two spots is gone.

In fact, you may have already experienced a significant drop in traffic on your website.

For example, if you're a home improvement contractor, what used to be your listings has been replaced by ads from things like Angie’s List or Home Advisor as well as other contractors with a location in those areas. Now your only chance to appear on the first page is by ranking in the traditional organic search results, but that’s really hard to do today.

There is a way…

Local landing pages to the rescue! To rank locally, you have to get really local, like hyper-local. You can do this by creating pages that not only talk about your products and services, but also speak to that one market in a way that makes the page unique.

In other words, you have to create custom content for every area…But not just any content.

You can’t simply create a page and plug n’ play location-based keywords anymore. Even if you did this for 100 pages, you are going to fail miserably. There are website design firms in our industry who think taking the same content and changing the cities will help you rank. Well, it’s not that easy.

What we do different

We create a customized experience on a per-location basis built around that local market, which helps you rank over time even though you don’t have a physical presence.

Find out more…

If you are interested in developing local landing pages to serve additional areas you’d like to pull in new business from then Click here to contact us through the site or call Dane at 727-201-8539

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