Successful selling in the ever growing digital landscape REQUIRES an advanced automated sales funnel. Click below to learn more.

Automated Sales Funnels help you Begin Connecting With Your Prospects Earlier In The Buying Cycle!

When you avoid using platitudes and begin attracting prospects based on their hot-buttons and what's relevant to them, begin connecting earlier in the buying cycle, staying connected longer through progressive engagement and allowing them to go at their own pace . . . your competitors won’t have a chance.


- Stop Fighting Over Who's The Cheapest!

Let  your competitors do what everybody does . . . incestuous copying of  already bad push-based marketing and “please do business with us because  we’re cheaper” advertising. 


- Become Your Prospects Trusted Resource!

Why  would a prospect  seek out someone else when you are walking them down  the path to  solving their problems and getting the results they desire? 

-Once you begin using Automated Sales Funnels your biggest competitors wont know what hit them!

Imagine if your business gained access to an automated system far in advance of all your competitors.

How much of a marketplace advantage would your company gain if your business was able to find and attract those prospects who would be willing to pay you the most with the least amount of resistance?

What if your Sales Funnel was working around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, month after month, year after year . . . finding, attracting, engaging and helping your sales team convert new high-margin customers for your business?


The best part is that our Automated Sales Funnels are done-for-you systems that allow you and your staff to continue focusing on your current responsibilities uninterrupted while your business is being transformed into a new, modern version of itself. 

 are premium systems that are built by our hyper-responsive, passionate team who handle everything including all system planning, implementation, optimization and monitoring.



So let’s talk about the 6 cohesive pillars that make up every ASF.


First is Strategic Planning 

This is the plan you have for entering the marketplace, what you’re going to do before you actually do it. It’s the idea or strategy behind your business. 

Our team will develop an entire end-to-end customer acquisition strategy which begins with an initial Discovery Session. We understand that logical flow of a campaign is just as important as the actual content. 

And we know that a truly interested customer will be cognitively engaged with each milestone and follow the thought process. So it’s imperative that you lead them through a process of thinking that is logical and compelling with user flow optimization that reduces friction along each step of your campaign.

Second is Persuasive Copywriting

Our persuasive copywriting and content development use specific techniques to keep your prospect focused and engaged.

One example of this is our messaging formula which is based on neuroscience and taps into the things that are important and relevant to your target market - which are called Hot-Buttons. Having an effective messaging formula is the number one difference between successful campaigns and under-performing campaigns.

Our messaging formula works by using “Activators” to cut through marketplace clutter and capture a prospects attention, “Hot-Button” headlines to connect with prospects emotionally, “Fact-Based” content to inform them about your offer and to rationalize their decision to learn more, and “Incentives” to motivate them to take the next step in your buying process, and help them envision the transformation after they buy your product.

This and other powerful techniques are applied at every stage of your campaign from the initial introduction through each touch.  One-by-one each of these touches work together as a cohesive strategy helping your prospect to envision the transformation of their life after they buy your product. 

Our persuasive copywriting team are masters at helping your prospect say yes – and empowering them to defend that decision to friends, family and co-workers.


Third are Graphics and Creative Services

We know that graphics and creative services are important components that support overall campaign strategy through the development of creative collateral such as  animations, custom imagery, Infographics, eBooks, bonus vouchers and  background images.

Our creative team is multi-disciplinary from graphic design to digital communications. 

Our design capabilities are rooted in digital and combine consumer insight with technology and creativity. We focus on creating an experience that is dynamic, elegant and directed at the target audience.  

Our team doesn’t only satisfy our clients’ desires - we forego the standard model in favor of creative innovation and originality.  We obsess over the creative journey, delivering a final product that inspires and ignites.

Our Creative team Breathes Design. We Think Digital. We Break the Rules & Love Hearing the WOW from our clients!


Fourth is Studio Quality Video

Every ASF system uses multiple videos that are produced as part of a strategic process.

We use video because it’s simply easier for your prospect to consume your content. Video also enables us to create more powerful impressions and a deeper understanding of what you are offering. 

We use these short, concise, professionally produced videos as a tool to lead your prospect down the path to solving their problem as it relates to your products, and ultimately becoming your customer. 

Our style of video is unique and proprietary and are called Perfect-Pitch Sales Videos. Each video is produced with a strategic purpose and is enhanced with proven sales psychology and conversion techniques along with great imagery and animation for impact.

Well planned Sales Videos also incorporate proven emotional drivers such as neuro-linguistic programming, anchoring, internal decision triggers and embedded commands combined with clear call-to-action strategies.

These are the techniques you wish all your salespeople would learn and apply on every step of your buying process, but now, your Sales Videos will make the presentation FOR your sales team and it will be perfect every time.

ASF's are built using the most advanced automation software available which is called behavioral-dynamic software.

By using behavioral-dynamic automation ASF's create a personalized universe and experience for every single person that engages with your company. Every prospect gets the exact information they need at exactly the right time in exactly the right proportion based on their actions and behavior within your system. This type of programmed "intuition" helps move them along in your buying process more efficiently and to feel like your company is in sync with their individual needs. Plus, NO prospect slips through the cracks or is forgotten.


Finally our 6th component is Conversion Optimization

After your ASF system is built and launched, our post-production team will work with your company for a minimum of 90 days to focus on making sure your system is finely tuned and operates perfectly and that you are achieving your conversion goals.  

Everyone on our team is hyper-responsive to the smallest issues, which is critical to getting your business to the next-level and delivering peace-of-mind to you and your team.

Our optimization process generates better results in less time because of continuous improvement of every asset within the system. 

The act of running a simultaneous experiment between two or more items to see which performs or converts the best is called A/B testing or split-testing. A/B testing is the disciplined application of regular testing to ensure you'll have the best version of your asset optimized for conversions. 

We choose what to test . . . layout, copy, images, design, color, call-to-action and then create multi-page variants to begin testing. Once we’ve decided what to test we create new versions (or variants) to enter into the experiment.

We monitor closely and then determine the winners, then automatically combine winners into a new test, determine that winner and continue until it has evolved to your best-performing champion design.


So – that’s a Lot about what Automated Sales Funnels are – let me tell you what they ARE NOT!

1. - ASF's are not a solution for poor quality goods and services.

2. - ASF's will not help sell products that the marketplace does not want.

3. - ASF's will not work without an advertising budget.

If you are looking for an Automated Sales Funnel to accomplish any of the above, please save your money because this system is not a good fit for your situation.

And there’s some more bad news

Chances are an automated sales funnel may not be for you. No this isn't one of those “reverse psychology” things a lot of marketers try to do.

Here are some facts I’d like to share with you:

First -  ASF's can be expensive. We like to think of them as “reassuringly expensive” because it means we won't be working with companies who aren’t serious about growing their business and getting to the next-level.

In other words, if you're an impassioned business owner, you'll feel right at home working with our team. However, if you're on your last dime and you're treating this as a last-gasp effort to avoid bankruptcy, foreclosure or some other horrible financial situation, first we’re sorry and hope you work your way through it, and we also hope that the investment for this system will scare you away.

It's not that we don't want to help's just that you're probably not going to be in the right state of mind to work with our team.


Second -  ASF's are all about practical, applicable tactics and strategies that MAKE MONEY...they’re NOT one of those new software platforms designed to make you feel good -  even when you're still broke.


Third -  ASF's are for people who want to take their business to the next level, and who are willing to make the investment that's required to reach that level.

So - Do You Still Think That An Automated Sales Funnel May Be A Good Fit For You?

I’d like to address 3 common myths regarding Automated Sales Funnels…

1.  I will probably have to invest a bunch of time

No you will not. Following a 1- 2 hour online discovery session with you and/or one of your team members our team will take over and handle everything. We do need a point of contact for basic questions going forward, but other than that you’ll continue to do what you do best, which is run your business.

2.  I know I’m going to have to learn a bunch of new stuff?

Nope, you have already invested the time into learning about CyberFunnels. However, you can continue to learn about this system and other strategies over the next few days by visiting our MasterMind Resource Center. Once you are comfortable our team will take it from there.

3.  This system is like every other marketing system.

It’s anything but - and you will be amazed at how efficient and effective your customer acquisition process becomes, along with your workflow. Plus, you’ll have real-time campaign visibility 24/7. If a bottleneck occurs you will know immediately instead of learning about it weeks, months or even years later.


Well What do you think so far? 

Impressed? Fascinated? Intrigued?


If your initial reaction was anything other than "Wow - This Is Incredible And Exactly What We Have Been Searching For" you still may not fully understand the power of a CyberFunnels system.

Here's the deal: Our team is pretty good at this stuff. In fact, we may be the only company that integrates strategy, marketing, sales psychology and automation technology at such a complex level. 

And once you begin working with our team you will begin to understand that you are not dealing with people who are waiting for 5 o’clock to come rolling around. 

You will be working with a motivated group who are on a mission and whose enthusiasm is infectious.


So - WHAT should you DO NEXT!

You just found a solution to many of the sales and marketing problems that keep a lot of business owners awake at night. You also now have access to a team that can help get your business to the next-level.

You're obviously very serious about improving results and I just want to take some time to acknowledge you for that. Most people never take the time to educate themselves like you are doing right now. 

You're online reading this which clearly demonstrates your commitment and determination to improve performance and possibly address the challenges you’re facing right now. That makes you a perfect fit to begin using ASF and working with our team. 

We’re looking specifically for people like you who want to find, attract and convert more customers so you can help get your business to the next-level fast!


Contact Us to schedule a one-on-one briefing on how automated sales funnels might work for you.


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