The Marketing Department

Virtual Marketing Department Program

Let’s face it, you have to advertise your business in order to grow it, even if you have a solid base of referral clients every month. I have never met a contractor that was busy enough for his/her taste just from referrals. But not all marketing is created equal. You can probably get along doing what you have been doing, but if you are planning to really grow your business then you have probably considered bringing on a marketing director or partner to either assist you with marketing or remove that part of the business from your daily radar.

That’s Where We Come In

Instead of weekly phone calls or strategy sessions, I will become your defacto marketing department. I will scout out new advertising opportunities in your area, work with and negotiate on your behalf with advertising vendors. Hold strategy meetings and ad review calls with you and the chosen vendors to help move the needle on your top line sales. Don’t get me wrong, you still have final say, I mean it’s your money, but I will take the burden off of your shoulders and make you more money.

We Can Cover

All facets of your marketing or advertising. I know that sounds pretty broad, so here is a list of things that we can focus on to help move your sales needle: Your website, PPC advertising strategy, print media such as direct mail, magazines and newspaper. Email marketing, ad placement, press releases, media buying and blogging. Social media strategies utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube along with local search, local directories and overall marketing plans and strategy.


As I mentioned above, this program is for serious players who really want to take the leap and become a major player in their market. With that said, you will have full access to me each month as needed. And I don’t take on a lot of these types of clients, so you will definitely get your money’s worth for the $1995 a month cost of the program.

Price Rationale

How much would it cost you to hire, train, provide benefits and time off to a marketing director inside your company? 70K-90K a year AT LEAST? So how many jobs would you need to do just to pay for their cost? With my program, you are getting the same benefit at a fraction of the cost. And I take a top-down approach to helping your company grow. In other words, if marketing is doing its job but sales isn’t, then we will work on sales, if customer service is falling down, we fix customer service. In effect, I become your marketing partner without having to split the profits, pay a salary to, pay for time off or for benefits.


Again, this is a pretty intensive decision for both of us, and I don’t take bringing on new marketing clients lightly. We have to make sure we “gel” and know that we are on the same page. With that said, my time is pretty limited, and I want to make sure that each client I have I exceed their expectations, which means space is limited.


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